Discover Flavours, Treasures, and Treats at the
Yas Winter Fest Artisan Market

Stroll through a vibrant marketplace lined with traditional wooden chalets, showcasing the finest creations from talented artisans and local producers. Indulge your taste buds in an exquisite array of culinary creations at Yas Winter Fest!


Step into the charming Artisan Market at Yas Winter Fest and immerse yourself in a world of craftsmanship. Discover a curated collection of unique handcrafted goods from talented local artisans and small businesses. From intricately designed jewelry and exquisite artwork, to beautifully crafted home decor and charming accessories, the Artisan Market offers a diverse array of products that will be sure to check off any holiday wish list!


Food Offerings

Yas Winter Fest will feature an elevated selection of food stalls and trucks, featuring traditional festive fare and everyday favourites!

Artisan Vendors

Relive the magic of the ’90s with our unique custom collection. From iconic characters to memorable moments, we’ve got everything you need to take a trip down memory lane.
90’s Memories is a 2-month-old Emirati-owned brand focusing on getting people especially from the ’90s era as well as late ’80s to remember the good old days by designing and printing cartoon-related designs on T-shirts and tote bags. All designs are done by us and are printed locally in the UAE on T-shirts and tote bags. We also sell socks with cartoon prints, Crocs charms, and stickers.In short, our items will take you back to the nostalgic, good old days.
Adrenark offers visitors the best atmosphere of fun and excitement through a group of activities for children and youth.
This family activity space features a huge indoor park as well as fun physical activities such as wall-running, dodgeball court, foam pits, trampoline, parkour, zipline, roller-skating, and more. With a focus on interaction and immersion, this hub is a safe environment for kids and adults to test their gaming skills, grab a bite to eat, and have a good laugh.
Atyab Al Marshoud is a multi-generation company that was established in 1925, one of the oldest in the perfume industry in Kuwait and the GCC. The late Sulaiman Al Marshoud founded Atyab Al Marshoud in 1925, where it became the first fragrance company established in the Gulf.
Sulaiman Al Marshoud is a historic icon in Kuwait and the GCC as he was the first to introduce the world of fragrances in the region. He traveled extensively to India and Southeast Asia to search for Bakhoor, scented wood chips from thousand-year old trees and a key ingredient of fragrance and incense. The elder Al Marshoud sold Bakhoor and pure oils extracted from plants and flowers to consumers, and taught his sons the art of blending oils to create fragrances.Atyab Al Marshoud has now been carried on by his family over the decades. The new generation has successfully added a modern edge without losing the historic and traditional aspects that are at the core of Atyab Al Marshoud. We have also modernised our scents from the traditional and authentic Bakhoor and oud, creating a unique collection of fragrances that satisfy the different tastes of our ever-growing clientele. In the last 5 years, we have expanded in the GCC with over 56 branches and have just opened our newest store in Knightsbridge, London, which is our first branch out of the GCC.All our fragrances are manufactured in our factory in France, as our main priority is to produce the best quality fragrances in the region.
BakeMyDay, quite simply, was born out of an uncontrollable passion for everything ooey, gooey, and edible.
Created by Yasmeen Jisri in 2014 as a home bakery, selling (via WhatsApp mainly) to friends, family members, and just about anyone who wanted to get their hands on BMD’s delicious treats, 2021 welcomed an exciting new chapter with BMD becoming online for the first time. It’s been a heck of a ride so far and we’re so happy and excited to have you with us on this journey!
Handmade organic clothing and thoughtfully well-curated gifts for cozy living. Ethical brand Bjerg & Hav crafts unique, waste-free family outfits, emphasising hygge, sustainability, and thoughtful gifting.
Founded in 2018, Bjerg & Hav is an ethical clothing brand specialising in unique, waste-free baby, kids, and family matching outfits. We prioritise crafting clothes ethically for the whole family, ensuring they’re made for children, not made by children. Bjerg & Hav also offers a curated selection of thoughtful gifts that reflect sustainability and the essence of cosy living.Our clothing embodies the Danish concept of “hygge,” representing cosy contentment and well-being through simplicity. We aim to bring more hygge into your life and your loved ones’ lives.Inspired by the documentary “The True Cost” in 2020, Founder Rose Rasmussen shifted from adult loungewear to family outfits, striving to inspire a more sustainable way of life through Bjerg & Hav’s creations.
Elevate your day with an exquisite blend of premier Chinese tea and creamy, fresh plant-based and non-dairy milk options.
We love the fresh and rich aroma of tea. At Bubble Cha, each cup is served with handpicked Black tea, Green Tea and Oolong Tea. We source Zheng Shan Xiao Zhong (正山小種), an outstanding black tea from the Wuyi Mountains in the Fujian Province, China. Its malty and fruity profile with complex dark cocoa notes perfect a unique flavor for classic milk teas. Jasmine tea scented with the aroma of jasmine blossoms is a type of Green tea that’s subtly sweet and highly fragrant for an irresistible fruity milk tea. Da Hong Pao (大红袍) also referred to as Wuyi rock tea grown in the Wuyi Mountains in China is a type of Oolong tea with an orchid fragrance and a long-lasting sweet aftertaste.Freshness and authenticity are what we offer in every drink. We use fresh milk for each milk tea instead of any powdered substitutes. We also provide alternative premium milk options like lactose-free milk and plant-based milks like Oat, Hazelnut, Coconut, and Soy Milk.
Iconic candy destination that is a must-visit by people of all ages.
The Middle East’s iconic candy destination.It is a whimsical candy store that boasts everything from old fashioned candies that bring back sweet memories to gourmet chocolates and better-for-you treats.It is also home to Cube by Candylicious, a gourmet candy haven with personalised gift packaging for any occasion and Chicago’s much loved gourmet popcorn brand, Garrett Popcorn Shops.
Canim Store aims to introduce the natural and inspiring aspects of the Anatolian culture to its own people and eventually to the world—anyone who appreciates nature, its practical use, and its quality, etc.
Canim Store is committed to operate across its entire value chain ethically and sustainably.Being natural, protecting the nature Canim Store produces nature-friendly products without compromising quality and takes pride in its operations in an pollutants-free industry. Materials used in our products are produced 100% natural and handcrafted.
Our signature hot chocolate, The Snowglobe, takes over the UAE by storm each winter season!
At Casa Pons, we offer a rich Belgium Hot Chocolate topped with a homemade marshmallow toasted right before your very eyes; a breakable sugar dome to crack with a mini wooden hammer provided with each beverage; and a side of our signature caramel chocolate covered pecans or our snowball donut bites filled with a warm custard.
Cluster Clear Events brings forth cutting-edge technology to create captivating photo booth experiences for various events and special occasions.
Cluster Clear Events is a dynamic UAE Emirati women-led organisation headquartered in the vibrant city of Abu Dhabi.Committed to excellence, this innovative company specialises in crafting the ultimate media solutions, particularly in the realm of interactive media screens. With a focus on perfection, Cluster Clear Events photo booth revolves around enhancing the overall event experience, creating cherished memories, promoting social interaction, and offering branding opportunities, all while being user-friendly and versatile.Cluster Clear Events is at the forefront of transforming the photography landscape, making each event an unforgettable visual journey.

Food and Beverage Vendors

Al Areesh is loved for the finest Halal ingredients and unique flavours.
Its kebabs, tawooks, tikkas, samosas, spring rolls, burgers, nuggets, and fillets come in a wide variety of authentic Arabic, Indian, and Persian delicacies that provide an unforgettable and fulfilling experience for the whole family.
Our menu is full of great-tasting items—handcrafted coffee and iced beverages, 50+ varieties of donuts, and an all-day breakfast consisting of bagels, croissants, egg sandwiches, muffins, and other baked goods—here to get you going throughout your day!
Everything we do is about you. From the chefs who create exciting new flavors, to the experienced baristas who know exactly how to brew a perfect cup of coffee for you—we prioritise what you need to get you on your way. We strive to keep you at your best, and we remain loyal to you, your tastes, and your time. After all, that’s what the UAE runs on.From our handcrafted coffee and iced beverages, 50+ varieties of donuts, and an all-day breakfast that consists of bagels, croissants, egg sandwiches, muffins, and other baked goods—our menu has something for every kind of taste bud.
Forget what you think you know. You’ve never had a kebab like this before.
Made fresh to order, with premium lean meats, handmade waffle breads, locally sourced vegetables, and our signature sauces. Once you taste one, you’ll never go back.
Gino’s Deli is famous for its authentic panuozzo, homemade ingredients, unique combinations, and premium flavours.
Gino’s panuozzos are made using artisanal flour from an Italian mill dating back to the 1930s. The light and fragrant dough is complemented by classical and flavourful ingredients to create the deliciously satisfying panuozzi with an American Italian twist.
Mamacita Latin Flavours is a fiesta on wheels, spreading joy and culinary delights throughout the UAE.
Mamacita Latin Flavours is a lively and vibrant food truck concept that brings the delicious and diverse tastes of Latin American cuisine to the streets. With a focus on bold flavours, fresh ingredients, and authentic recipes, Mamacita Latin Flavours offers a delightful culinary experience that captures the essence of Latin American street food.
Good food, great times. When it comes to ingredients, we never compromise. Only the best goes into creating each hearty dish served to your table.
Oh, did we mention that our food are freshly prepared to order? We’re also constantly innovating our recipes, improving our service, and sprucing up our decor to provide the best dining experience for you.In short, we’re passionate about making good food and memorable times—and that’s the one recipe we’ve not changed since 1965.


Emirati brand established in 2018 in Dubai. A pop-up coffee/desserts truck with unique ideas and recipes. Come SIP your favourite coffee drinks and shakes with us!
Our main goal is to make sure that our customers’ experience with us is excellent.Come and try the different flavours of our soft serve ice creams, our refreshing drinks, and our signature dessert, the DONUT KILL MY VIBE.
At Spinneys, we believe in nourishing and inspiring our communities to live better lives, day by day.
This ethos touches everything we do in our business: from the way we source our products and working closely with growers all over the world to ensure only the most nourishing, best quality produce lands on our shelves, to the way we treat our colleagues, growing and nurturing them so that they can lead better lives.Our local communities are the lifeblood of our business: we support local businesses and growers through initiatives like our Farmers Club & the Spinneys Local Business Incubator. We promote ethical and sustainable brands and farming practices.We all come from different and diverse backgrounds, much like our home where we grew and evolved our business: the UAE. Despite our diversity, we all come together to serve the best interests of our customers, inspiring, nourishing, and guiding them to make better food choices.


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